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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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South Beloit HS and Beloit College grad and life-long resident except for 2 yrs in Peace Corp. Married Laurie and raised two successful girls. Involved with many community organizations, written technical articles plus papers under the name of "The Oracle" and a known infamous critic. Really enjoy going out and meeting the outstanding people in our great city.

Posts By Lanier

Best Florist: Beloit Floral

October 15, 2015 |

Best Florist: Lanier’s Pick

I know a lot about floral arrangements. I like mine simple yet elegant . . . like my wife.  I remember the worst flowers I sent to my wife. It happened some years ago when she … Read More

El Dia de los Niños (Day of the Child)

June 26, 2014 |

A Time for Celebration

Living in Beloit is like living in a social paradise.  You get the chance to experience so many great cultures.  Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of El Dia de los Niños.  This … Read More

Fatt Cat Café – Homey and Yummy!

December 2, 2013 |

Due to a special request, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try a new eatery, the Fatt Cat Café, located kitty corner to Taylor Company in Rockton, IL.   Previously known as Elderberry Tea Room, the ladies … Read More

Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting

October 10, 2013 |

The ribbon cutting celebration for the newly remodeled Merrill Elementary School was an overwhelming success.  The teachers, superintendent, school board members, state representatives, city officials along with the contractor (Gilbank Construction) and the architect (Bray Architects) were rightfully excited . … Read More

Welcoming Beloit College Students to the Beloit Community

September 10, 2013 |

Did you know that Beloit College is the oldest continuously operated college in Wisconsin? Did you know that it is recognized for its commitment to curricular innovation with over 1,200 students?  It has been so successful because of its liberal … Read More

Boy, you know you can’t cook!

August 29, 2013 |

Last Saturday, I went to Beloit’s Farmers Market, in the rain, looking for a dish to make for Father’s Day. After looking at all the produce and other items, my mind was going six ways to Sunday. Then I remembered … Read More

Rockin’ The Night Away

August 5, 2013 |

It started with thunder, wind and rain and ended with clapping and shouts of . . . MORE.

“Music and More at Harry’s Place” was scheduled with an area favorite, “Knee Deep,” performing.  A big summer storm had just dumped rain … Read More

Dunkin Gala Event

July 18, 2013 |

Recently my wife and I had the honor of attending a gala for Tom & Regina Dunkin. The occasion …….. A celebration for Tom, Deputy Chief of police, who graduated from FBI school and recently completed his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.Read More