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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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Best Florist: Beloit Floral -

Best Florist: Beloit Floral Beloit Floral Beloit Floral Beloit Floral

Best Florist:
Lanier’s Pick

I know a lot about floral arrangements. I like mine simple yet elegant . . . like my wife.  I remember the worst flowers I sent to my wife. It happened some years ago when she received this beautiful bouquet of flowers unexpectedly.  Of course, she called me to thank me for my thoughtfulness and made me a fantastic dinner that evening.  I, of course, told her it was because I loved her and was thinking of her.  The next day, she heard on the radio that my name was drawn and a bouquet of flowers was the prize.   Boy was I busted! “Called Out on a Shout Out”.  How embarrassing!!!


Beloit Floral

The importance of a good florist

If you have been married for 32 years like me, there are so many occasions to say “Honey I’m sorry”, and please don’t you dare forget the holidays and, most of all, don’t forget anniversaries and birthdays. Unfortunately we men sometimes do . . . OK, maybe a lot!   How many times have you told a friend about something you did and they ask you “Exactly how mad is she?” followed by, “You are going to need a good florist.”

Knowing a good florist is an important relationship to have.  It could be a relationship that you have developed over time or that one time that they went over and beyond and gave you some special service to help you out of a jam.  I look for freshness of product, presentation, ease of ordering, delivery, service and a staff who are professional, friendly, kind and upbeat.


Beloit Floral


Beloit Floral is family owned and operated.  It was started in downtown Beloit in 1916 by Thomas Panos.  His daughter, Nancy (Panos) Spelius and George Spelius have continued the tradition.  As Mrs. Spelius puts it . . .We are here to serve you “From the Womb to the Tomb”. In the early 1970’s, Beloit Floral expanded to a second site on Cranston Road.  They ran both stores until the early 80’s when they closed the State Street location.

Beloit Floral has been a long-time community supporter who exemplify the secrets to being the best… Give the customer a great product and wonderful service!  The staff listens to you and then designs the floral arrangements catering to one’s individual taste.  With flowers being delivered twice daily to the store— Can you say FRESH.  The service is friendly, professional and prompt.  The owner, florist, and sales people come out to greet you, call you by your first name and ask about the family.

Beloit Floral

With the original sign in the background, l-r: Teri Miles, Mrs Nancy Spelius, Bob Graulich, Mary Anderson and Keta Gilliland. (Not shown: Ida Lenz, Jan Marino, Sue Marsden and delivery person Jim Sharp)

A great place to shop and to work

If that wasn’t enough, my daughter (Amber) had the opportunity to work at Beloit Floral through the Beloit Memorial High School’s DECA program.  This was her first job and she just wanted to put her time in and get back to her friends.  What happened along the way was she grew to really enjoy the people and learned many great lessons in how to treat customers.  She started to look forward to going to work and those same lessons have made a big difference in her life.  Lessons she uses today in her position as a Human Resources Manager at Target Corporate offices.

Some may say that Beloit Floral is not their pick for the best as there are many wonderful florists.  I hope all have the same high praise for their pick as the best.  I will just say this . . .There is none better!!!

Beloit Floral
1205 Cranston Road
Beloit, WI

Beloit Floral



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