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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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Beloit Historical Society Feature: Alonzo Aldrich's Desk -

Beloit Historical Society Feature: Alonzo Aldrich’s Desk

If you ever have a chance to tour the Beloit Historical Society, housed at 845 Hackett Street where the Lincoln Junior High School once stood, you will be absolutely amazed!  We have thousands upon thousands of items stored in our collection room – all the way to the ceiling!

I want to mention one particular item because it is NOT stored away in the collection room….we use it every day – at least our Executive Director, Paul Kerr does.  It is the beautiful carved oak desk which originally sat in the office of Alonzo Aldrich, who was president of the Beloit Iron Works from 1889-1931.

Paul states, “There was a room at the Corp. (The Iron Works became Beloit Corporation on Jan. 1, 1962) called the Neese Memorial office in which the desk and a lot of other furniture sat: globe, model 16th century ship with two masts, ashtrays, chairs, a wool rug, cast iron coat rack and credenza. This room was a memorial to Elbert Neese and kept untouched as a reminder of his service to the company until the changes of the 1990s.”

When the Beloit Corporation offices were renovated in the mid 1990’s, the desk was donated to the historical society with the condition that it not be stored, but that it should be used.  Our Executive Director Paul Kerr has been happy to comply and the desk has been in his office since around 1992.

Beloit Historical Society

Beloit Historical Society’s Executive Director Paul Kerr sitting at Alonzo Alrich’s desk.


Beloit Historical Society

The beautiful pulls on the drawers called “tear drops”


Here are photos of other pieces from the Beloit Corporation:

Beloit Historical Society


Beloit Historical Society


I invite you to stop by the Beloit Historical Society, or check out our website. Our Facebook page has some amazing photos too!

Beloit Historical Society
845 Hackett Street, Beloit, WI
Phone: 608-365-7835

Open Tuesday – Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.



I grew up on a dairy farm outside Beloit, and worked for the Chief of Police in Beloit for over 22 years. Since I retired in 2012, I keep very busy as President of the Beloit Historical Society. I also love to travel with my husband and work on decorating our home; plus now I have a new little granddaughter to babysit! I love Beloit and all the wonderful things about it! We have friendly, caring citizens, great shopping, Midwest values and many cultural/educational opportunities – all wrapped up in this beautiful state of Wisconsin.