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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Beloit Homes and Front Yard Gardens | Visit Beloit

Vintage Beloit Homes and Gardens 829 Church Street, Beloit WI 53511 1225 Nelson Street, Beloit WI 53511

Vintage Beloit Homes, Neighborhoods and Front Yard Gardens

So, I’ve always loved old homes and old pedestrian-friendly, walkable neighborhoods. It’s not everyone’s flavor but it absolutely is mine. And as I walk, bike or drive through an older neighborhood, I really appreciate those vintage homes with front yard gardens.

When we travel to other communities, we’ll routinely tour the historic districts or older neighborhoods. Sometimes they’re extraordinary, sometimes not so much. Often, perhaps even more striking than the actual condition of the home, what you see first is the condition of the front yards. The nicer neighborhoods (not surprisingly) often have nicer front yards and it’s typically the first thing you notice as you tour the neighborhood.

1225 Nelson Street, Beloit WI 53511

1225 Nelson Street, Beloit WI 53511

Front yard gardens are different

There’s likely a greater number of homeowners who have amazing back yard gardens. I’ve friends who do and they’re wonderful places…like well-kept secrets. However, part of what I appreciate about beautiful front yards is that they help lift the entire neighborhood. “Deferred maintenance” in the back yard and even inside the home doesn’t impact the neighborhood quite as much. Neglected front yards… well, in my opinion, makes it a little less nice for everyone.

I see these beautiful front yards almost as a gift to the neighborhood or even a form of civic contribution for the common good. Is that silly? I don’t know. Clearly, these homeowners do this for their own reasons and enjoyment but I can’t help but think that they’ve contributed something great to our community. And for that I say thank you!

Obviously, not everyone is into gardening and yard work. Perhaps for most it’s seen as one more thing to do, an unwanted chore to be minimized and put off as much as possible. It sure is nice to have these front yard gardeners in our neighborhoods, though.

Some of my favorites

I’m sure that I missed some wonderful front yard gardens, and I hope not to offend anyone by not having included theirs. You’ll notice though, that all the homes featured are from Beloit’s older “pre-war” vintage neighborhoods. I have friends with newer homes with amazing yards also.

Finally, while some homes with beautiful gardens are grand, most are modest, proving that a beautiful front yard is not a privilege reserved for those with deeper pockets. With a little time, creativity and sharing with neighbors, they can be quite reasonably had. Generally, you’ll find gardeners quite willing to share the love.

829 Church Street, Beloit WI 53511

829 Church Street, Beloit WI 53511

What I would love to do

Of course, some homeowners are willing but no longer able to maintain a beautiful garden. You can often spot that certain yard that once was something really special but it is no longer being cared for as it once was. Perhaps this is due to the homeowner’s age, an illness or other reason. Regardless, it was something they once loved and cared for.

If you know of someone like this, please share it with us.

I’d wager that we could gather up a handful of volunteers for some Sunday afternoon to make it nice for them again, and for the neighborhood. I can show up with a trailer full of mulch (the good stuff), yard tools, some energy and a few friends. For a couple of hours, I bet we could make some magic happen for someone.

If you’d like to nominate a homeowner who once had a special front yard garden but now is in need of a little help, let me know via the form below.

Likewise, if you love gardening or otherwise would be willing to help out for a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon, let me know via the form below.

We’ll pick a house, a Sunday afternoon, let folks know and do this thing. Join us won’t you? Otherwise it’ll just be Ana and myself. She doesn’t know this yet. 🙂

We’ll see how this goes. Perhaps we can do this again next Spring!



Beloit resident with Ana and the kids for eight years. Lived for extended periods in three other communities prior to moving to Beloit. Having experienced homogeneous, anonymous, detached "generica" type communities we've found Beloit to be a special and uncommon place. It's been a good move for us and the kids.

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