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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Best Fitness Class: Total Body Conditioning at the Stateline YMCA -

Best Fitness Class: Total Body Conditioning at the Stateline YMCA

Best Fitness Class: Andrea’s Pick

“Are you new to the Y?”

It all started with that question.

I was, in fact, not new. I’d been a member for about 5 months, almost half a year of my life, but I hadn’t shown up very often during that time.

I knew that regular exercise would make me feel better, which is why I was standing in the machine room by the lockers, just after an exhausting ten minutes on the treadmill. I was looking at the group fitness schedule when a friendly woman with short brown hair and an enthusiastic smile asked me if I was a new member.

I explained my sporadic attendance and she suggested I try Total Body Conditioning, her favorite fitness class.




Showing Up

I was often a few minutes late, but I told myself even a five minute workout is better than none. The hardest part is just showing up.

It was worth it each day when Colleen would welcome me to class, no matter how late I was, saying “There she is!” with a big smile.

And then there was the workout. If we were doing something I wasn’t fond of, like Burpees, (pushups, only you stand up and jump in between each one), it wouldn’t matter, because we’d soon be doing something else. The first half hour focused on cardio: running, squats, inch-worming across the floor, jumping rope. The second half hour was strength work: using weights, medicine ball exercises, the balance ball, kickboxing. And we always wrap up by slowing down with stretching and yoga.

All the exercises are adjustable to your level. The goal: keep moving. During my first class I sat down once or twice. That was okay, too. As Colleen says, “Listen to your body.”



Total Body Conditioning

This class reminded me that moving is fun and my body likes to move. “Workouts” feel like work to me. Exercising because it’s “the healthy choice” never inspired me. But jumping rope as fast as I can and feeling exhilarated, running to music and imagining I’m dancing, and feeling myself have energy (in February!)—these things kept me coming back. Buckling my belt one day and having it pull one notch tighter was pretty rewarding too.

The point of working out is that it works for you. Colleen always asks for feedback—the class is there for the students.

Total Body Conditioning takes place every Tuesday in the upper gym from 9:00-10:00 AM.


Beloit YMCA Fitness Class




Membership to the YMCA ranges from $15/month for individuals 5-14 to $67/month for a family and there is financial assistance available. This gives you access to group fitness classes, swimming pool, weight room, gyms, fitness trainers. For parents, there is child care available plus a wealth of children’s programming.


The Y is a place to share a smile with someone, set a goal, challenge your body, and feel good about yourself.

Beloit YMCA
1865 Riverside Drive Beloit, WI 53511



I'm a transplant from neighboring Iowa. A food enthusiast, my favorite place in town is Bushel and Peck's. I also love working out at the Y, taking walks in Riverside Park, and reading tales of travel and dragons.

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