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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Boy, you know you can't cook! -

Boy, you know you can’t cook! Boy you can't cook | Steak Prep Boy You CAN cook | Farmers Market

Last Saturday, I went to Beloit’s Farmers Market, in the rain, looking for a dish to make for Father’s Day. After looking at all the produce and other items, my mind was going six ways to Sunday. Then I remembered what my mom always said . . . “Boy, you know you can’t cook”!! So I did what any man would do . . . I stopped by the CC Angus Beef booth to get a hunk of meat. Everyone grills, RIGHT!

Boy You Can't Cook | Help

What I found was some of the nicest grass-fed (no grain, silage, corn, hormones, growth implants or antibiotics) beef I have ever had. That’s right, only fed forage in pastures and bales then the steaks are dry-aged. I patiently waited in line and after purchasing a couple of ribeyes, got some cooking advice from the owners.

Some olive oil, salt and pepper for the wife and some seasoned salt for the Hawk. Let it rest for half an hour to bring steaks to room temp for even cooking. Seared both sides then grilled to a medium-rare finish.

Boy you can't cook | Steak Prep

What did my wife and I think after the day. Ummmmmm Ummmmmm Ummmmmm. I don’t eat a lot of sides as they take time away from the main entrée but (my wife) put a few asparagus pieces on for fiber.

Boy You CAN cook | Farmers Market

All I can say is there is something for everyone at the Beloit Farmers Market. Thanks Don & Marilyn Dralle for being a part of the 2nd largest farmers market in Wisconsin.

If you didn’t know, now you know. See you there.



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