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Visit Beloit Blog | February 21, 2018

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Caffiend- Cozy and Delicious

Caffiend – Cozy and Delicious

Trying Something New

In my mind, there is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee to help stay motivated on a rainy, Wednesday afternoon. This past Wednesday, I decided to try somewhere new. That place was Caffiend; a cozy little coffee shop right off of 251 next to Schnucks (or the old Hilander). As I walked in, I took a minute to take in my surroundings. I noticed a man in a suit working on a laptop; he seemed to be deep in thought.


What to Get?

Being my first time in, I decided to ask the barista for a recommendation. I took her suggestion and ordered a peppermint and white chocolate mocha, and a cinnamon crunch muffin. All for only six dollars! The muffin, which was quite large, was warm and delicious! My drink was the perfect mix of coffee, white chocolate, and peppermint; no one flavor was too much.   Caffiend4 

Espresso and a free puppy?

As I sat to eat my muffin, I noticed how nice the atmosphere was in the café. There were magazines tucked under each table, which was a great touch. My favorite part had to have been the signs that hung on the walls. They ranged from motivational (“Nurture your passion”) to silly (“Unattended children will be given espresso & a free puppy”). The walls were also covered in coffee themed decorations, like any good café. Caffiend sells their own merchandise as well; t-shirts, coffee mugs, coffee, and fun coffee bean bracelets! Their Facebook page is filled with daily specials, as well as fun coffee quotes.   Caffiend3

The Morning Rush

By the time I left, the place was getting quite busy. A line was growing in their drive-thru and people were flowing in and out of the building. There was a wide variety of customers, ranging from the suited businessman to a group of teenage girls who arrived as I was leaving. All in all, Caffiend was the perfect spot for me to take a break on a dreary Wednesday. It was full of good coffee and food. The staff was friendly. The atmosphere was warm. I’m already fiending for more!   Caffiend2



I am a Public Relations and Politics double major out in Iowa. Fresh off my first year in college, and consequently my first year away from Beloit, I am excited to be home! I am looking forward to experiencing all that Beloit and the surrounding areas have to offer and documenting my adventures here. I think Beloit is a beautiful city with its own distinct culture; there really is nowhere else like it!

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