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Visit Beloit Blog | February 21, 2018

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The Captain's Galley -

The Captain’s Galley The Captain's Galley | Hot Italian Beef The Captain's Galley | BLT

Love subs? This place is for you.

Walking into The Captain’s Galley was a little bit strange since it was kind of old fashioned. With this being a small family owned business, I was surprised as to how amazing the quality of their sandwiches is. For those sub and deli lovers who are trying to find place to stop at often, stop looking: The Captain’s Galley is your spot. This place will fill you up but try to enjoy every single bite! Don’t even think twice about ordering another sub or deli to go; I know I did not hesitate.


The Captain's Galley | BLT

The Captain’s Galley | BLT

Choose Your Sub

There are many great choices on the menu but my favorite is the one called The International. Made of pastrami, pepperoni and pepper cheese, this sandwich had me wanting to try all the other subs. The combination of the ingredients was very distinguishable and could not be better. To this day I have to say that every time I have went and tried something new it has not let me down.


The Captain's Galley | The International

The Captain’s Galley | The International

Local Quality

Another plus is that there is very good service. The owner is very friendly and talkative. My friends and I have made it a common spot to go eat. Personally I think this should remain a small business because many other small companies that try to franchise tend to stop delivering as much quality products as what they used to deliver. Also I like that it is not a big place since I prefer eating in places where I can eat in peace.

But hey, don’t take my word for it! Stop by and I’m sure you will not regret it!

The Captain's Galley | Hot Italian Beef

The Captain’s Galley | Hot Italian Beef


Captain’s Galley
305 Oak Grove Ave, South Beloit, IL 61080
(815) 389-4592



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