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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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A Crewsin' Summer at Visit Beloit

A Crewsin’ Summer at Visit Beloit

What a Summer!

You never know what you are going to get into at Visit Beloit, but this summer we got into a whole lot of fun! From red high-top Converse tennis shoes to pageant girls, from a mobile welcome center to a turtle with a ponytail, our summer was a blast!

Visit Beloit Press Event 2014 -136

Time to get moving…literally.

In March, Visit Beloit purchased a vehicle (a Ford Transit Connect to be exact), and started the process of launching a mobile welcome center for Visit Beloit. There were many aspects to be worked out, but we met with some great people from Visit Eau Claire and Visit St. Paul to help us get the ball rolling. They had already been through the process and saved us hours of work, and a great deal of money and days of frustration, by letting us know what we should and shouldn’t do. We can’t thank them enough!

Wrapping the vehicle was fun! We had so many beautiful photos of Beloit to choose from, so that part of the job was pretty easy. If you haven’t seen a vehicle get “wrapped”, it’s definitely something to look into. Our vehicle is black, but you would never know it by looking at it now!


Who to hire and what to call them…?

When we were looking to hire our interns, we needed young, outgoing people who loved Beloit and were not afraid to engage with total strangers. We contacted several organizations and got the word out. We interviewed many great candidates, but the young ladies from the Miss Beloit pageant stood out from the rest. They had been life-time Beloiters, loved our city and understood how to appropriately engage with people they didn’t know. We named them the “Go to Crew” because they would be traveling all over to set up at different events and we wanted people to think of them as the people to “go to” if they had questions about Beloit. The official name for the mobile welcome center stemmed from the Go to Crew…we now call it the Visit Beloit Crewser.

And cruise they did! We launched the Crewser and Go to Crew during National Tourism Week this past May. What a blast! Regional media and several VIPs were on hand to help us celebrate.


Visit Beloit Go To Crew 2014: Paige, Shika, Jessica, & Melissa – Not pictured: Rebecca

Making the Rounds

The Go to Crew hit the road hard this summer, attending 90 regional events, and telling about all the great things to do in Beloit. Events included the Downtown Beloit Farmers’ Market, Music & More at Harry’s Place, Fridays in the Park, Snapper’s Baseball games, Dancin’ at Harry’s Place, the Rock County 4-H Fair, and many more!


Our Newest Addition

Halfway through the summer, Visit Beloit’s new mascot, Shell B Turtle, joined the Go to Crew as well. Shell B is Snappy’s little sister who has been studying abroad in the Galapagos Islands. She started at Beloit College this fall, loves to kayak down Turtle Creek, play sloooow pitch softball, hang out at the Turtle Creek Bookstore and cheer on the Beloit Snapper’s baseball team. Everyone loves Shell B!


We think the Crewser and the Go to Crew are a great addition to Beloit! We can’t wait to see you at all the fun events in the future. Watch for our smiling faces and join us as we have a great time promoting the beautiful city of Beloit! See you soon!



Working for Visit Beloit has been an adventure for the past 5 years! We love all the activities Beloit has to offer and it is my pleasure to share it with others. Life keeps me busy at home, with a husband of 23 years, three great boys, a beautiful daughter-in-law, a little grandson on the way and a sweet black lab.

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