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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Beloit Farmers' Market | Friends & Salad

Farmers’ Market, Friends & Salad

First Stop… breakfast downtown.

Bagels & More Breakfast | Downtown Beloit

Beloit’s Farmers’ Market is a joy to visit each Saturday of the summer months. Rain or Shine you can find some great local produce and products to buy. The setting of the Farmers’ Market is along downtown Beloit so for my visit this summer my daughter and I decided to first stop and have breakfast at Bagels and More restaurant.

Bagels & More… the place to reconnect with friends

We each enjoyed a tasty bagel with cream cheese and fresh strawberry smoothie. I like Bagels and More as on Saturday mornings it seems to be the place to reconnect with friends each week. And to no surprise I too saw someone I know there. I ran into a coworker of mine who teaches at another school. We both were enjoying the morning running errands and making stops for fruit and vegetables at the local Farmers’ Market.┬áSo at today’s visit my daughter and I decided to pick up some strawberries first! Below you can see her picking out the “best” looking ones!

Beloit Farmers Market, Friends & Salad

Salad for our guests

Then we moved along West Grand Avenue in downtown and spotted some lettuce. When I see lettuce I think salad so ideas for different kinds of salads ran through my mind at that moment. Knowing that my fiance and I were going to have some people over this upcoming week to see our new home, I knew a salad would be a great addition to our menu. Below, here is Nevaeh picking out fresh lettuce from a local vendor!

After a nice trip to the Farmers’ Market I put those ingredients to use! Below is the recipe I made in order to share this salad with you all! Enjoy!!

Salad for Friends | Beloit Farmers' Market


  • 1 bag Farmers’ Market Lettuce
  • 10 cut strawberries
  • sprinkle of blueberries
  • raspberry vinaigrette dressing of choice
  • cooked grilled chicken breast strips
  • walnuts
  • gorgonzola cheese


Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl and serve cold!



Hi! My name is Alicia and I have been living in Beloit since 2006. I graduated from Beloit College in 2009 and have worked for the School District of Beloit as a 2nd grade teacher since then. I love living and working in Beloit! My fiance, 3 children, and even my dog, are very involved members of the community. I am excited about sharing my diverse interests and perspectives on all that the community of Beloit has to offer!