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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Fatt Cat Café - Homey and Yummy! -

Fatt Cat Café – Homey and Yummy! Fatt Cat Cafe, Rockton, IL Fatt Cat Cafe

Due to a special request, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try a new eatery, the Fatt Cat Café, located kitty corner to Taylor Company in Rockton, IL.   Previously known as Elderberry Tea Room, the ladies in the Human Resources Department at Taylor Company used to enjoy going there for lunch and they still talk about the food.  The café had been remodeled with a nice and welcoming decor which reminded me of a bed and breakfast.  It has a main dining room, small banquet room, an upstairs room and a small, quaint bar area.  The restaurant is in an old home and is filled with antiques. It has a very old-fashioned atmosphere.  It’s clean and filled with light from the large windows in the dining room.


Fatt Cat 4

The Food Tasting Duo

I am not the best food critic because my food selections are so limited (meat and potatoes) so I took my wife (critic extraordinaire) along for an expert’s view.  We arrived soon after the 11am opening time.  A couple was already dining and customers were streaming in for a bridal shower in the banquet room.  We were quickly seated and joined by several others in the main dining room as the noon hour approached.


Fatt Cat Cafe, Rockton, IL

Delicious Choices

Our waitress was very polite and attentive. She made several helpful suggestions about the menu selections based on our individual preferences.  We ordered two of the house specialties:  (Her) Chicken & Broccoli Quiche with a side salad, and (Me) the Cheese Lovers Burger and French Onion Soup.  My food was high quality and very fresh. I devoured the tasty and well seasoned soup quickly.  The burger was served on sourdough bread which was perfectly buttered, toasted, and crunchy: with a freshly made patty covered with a variety of cheeses, red peppers, and tomatoes.  It was deliciously made and consumed accordingly.

My wife’s salad was a tasty blend of field greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and homemade croutons.  It was served with a sweet and flavorful Mango Chardonnay dressing.  This is what my wife had to say about the quiche: “It was a generous sized slice of warm chicken, broccoli, and cheese inside a flaky crust.  Delicious!”


Fatt Cat Cafe, Rockton, IL

Fatt Cat Specialties

Their specialties are: burgers, classic sandwiches, French onion soup, quiche, and desserts.  Everything is freshly made. Thursday and Saturday night dinners consist of specials and the regular menu. A fish fry is offered on Fridays.  Today’s specials were a pulled pork sandwich and a meatloaf sandwich.  You can see the entire menu here.

It was a very pleasant experience.  We will certainly return there again.  It’s definitely worth stopping in if you are in the area, especially if you want a nice atmosphere for quiet conversation and a delicious meal.  What can I say . . . Magnificent!

If you didn’t know.  Now you know!



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