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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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Hanson's Bar and Grill: Home of the Best BBQ Burger -

Hanson’s Bar and Grill: Home of the Best BBQ Burger Hanson's Chili Brisket with Swiss and Bacon Chicken & Rice Soup

The Challenge

Hello fellow Beloiters and visitors. I took a challenge to explore the food scene in Beloit with family or friends and have a new experience, and I invite you to do the same! The task at hand was to go to a restaurant that we had never been to before. Then, order something off the menu that we have never had before or something made in a different way.


Hanson's Bar & Grill | Chicken & Rice Soup

Chicken & Rice Soup


Hanson’s Bar and Grill

My choice of restaurant was Hanson’s Bar and Grill. The restaurant was remodeled in the past 3 years and looks great. The inside is very comforting and nice. There is an area for family to eat and a bar if you wanted to get a drink (for those over 21). You simply walk in and find a seat.

My first impression was that the service was quick! I sat down and next thing I knew there was the server asking me if I wanted anything to drink or any appetizers. The service overall was great.


Hanson's Bar & Grill | Brisket with Swiss and Bacon

Brisket with Swiss and Bacon


The BBQ Burger

What I ordered off the menu that was different was the BBQ Bacon Burger.

I know some of you are thinking that BBQ = amazing and burgers = amazing, but taking the two and putting them together = awesome. The BBQ burger at Hanson’s has Swiss, cheddar, bacon, and BBQ sauce. It also comes with your choice of fries, the soup of the day, or chili.


Hanson's Bar & Grill | BBQ Bacon Burger

BBQ Bacon Burger



Meals to fill you up….
with enough to bring home

I went to Hanson’s with my mom and her friend Dori. I had the BBQ burger, my mother had the Mushroom and Swiss Burger, and Dori had the Brisket. We all could not finish our meals, but in a good way. Each burger was a half pound and came with sides. In the end we ended up taking home leftovers which with food like that is never a bad thing.


Hanson's Bar & Grill | Chili

Hanson’s Chili



Inviting new and delicious experiences

Overall 10 out of 10 for my experience at Hanson’s Bar & Grill. I hope that people who live in Beloit or the people visiting take on this challenge and try something new from the menu or even something a little different. Like I always say, it never hurt to try something new. It just adds to what you have had in life.




I have lived in Beloit all of my life and enjoy every day that I spend in Beloit. Thrughout my progression in the field of Hospitality at Beloit Memorial High School, I have found that there are so many great things that you can do in this industry, such as owning a business or managing a restaurant. I’m looking forward to this opportunity.

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