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Visit Beloit Blog | February 21, 2018

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Jerry's Cafe | Family Restaurant near Beloit Memorial High School

Jerry’s Cafe, Comfort food with friends

Since I was a child I’d always heard if you want to know where the good food was, go where the locals go, eat where the cops and firemen eat.

Jerry’s is just such a place. I’m not sure how much paid advertising they do but the word-of-mouth is working well. We ourselves were first told about it by friends who’d become regulars in two different conversations several years ago so we tried them out. Though they’ve only been open for about three years Jerry’s Cafe has become the regular breakfast/lunch habit and favorite for lots of locals.


Family restaurant close to Beloit Memorial High School

The perfect place for folks attending events at the High School

Simply put, Jerry’s is a favorite place for good, inexpensive food and great friendly service conveniently located between the high school and downtown. For those attending events at Beloit Memorial High School they’re on the second block south of the high school.  So it’s the perfect place for folks like us attending an event at Beloit Memorial High School but don’t want to do fast food.

That was the case for us today. We were attending a big invitational swim meet at BMHS’s new natatorium and wanted something close and convenient so we just popped over to our favorite, Jerry’s. Perfect!


Jerry's Cafe | Family Restaurant near Beloit Memorial High School

Family restaurant conveniently located between Beloit Memorial High School and downtown.

Full breakfast and lunch menu

And Friday night fish fry too!
Today we just popped in for a late breakfast, early lunch. I had the Chilaquiles. Rick had one of today’s specials, the corned beef omelette. Neither of us had tried these before but as we’ve come to expect they were both very good. The Chilaquiles is described on their menu as “Crunchy corn tortilla chips cooked in salsa with melted jack cheese and sliced chicken breast. Topped with two eggs any style, then garnished with fresh avocado. Served with fresh fruit.”


Full Breakfast & Lunch Menu | Jerry's Cafe

Full Breakfast & Lunch Menu. Also serving Friday night fish fry

Chilaquiles and a Corned Beef Omelette for us

The Chilaquiles was perfect for my low-carb diet. As I’ve been trying to “be good” I asked for this without the tortillas. A minor modification they were happy to accommodate. It was a cold wet day today and I was feeling chilled. I wanted something hot and spicy and the Chilaquiles turned out to be the perfect medicine on a cold day like today. The avocado was fresh and generous, likewise the fresh fruit cup of banana, apple and pineapple. Rick, I think he’d eat anything if it had corned beef in it so when he saw the special posted on the wall he didn’t bother with the menu. It may seem fairly basic but Rick is a little particular about this basic food stuff as neither over or under-cooked is a good thing. A speedily cleaned plate was evidence enough of it’s suitability.


Corn Beef Omelette | Comfort food at Jerry's Cafe

Corn Beef Omelette | Comfort food at Jerry’s Cafe

“Buy Local” A value for us.

Beloit is known for all its great independent restaurants

Good food, generous portions, great service and price, just what you’d expect from a local, family owned and operated restaurant. And frankly that is part of what makes Jerry’s special, at least for us. There are a few chains but Beloit is particularly known for just how many independent, family owned restaurants there are here. We think it makes a difference. If given a choice, for us we’ve always preferred non-chain privately owned restaurants. “Buy Local” is something we value. We’ve seen Jerry’s Cafe as sponsors of things at Beloit Memorial High School. We notice things like that, appreciate this kind of community support and try to return the favor as often as we can.

Jerry’s Cafe is owned by Oscar and his family and Jerry’s Bakery right next door is owned by his sister Edelia and hers. The kids work there, the aunt works there, the whole tribe. If it’s slow they’re available to chat and get to know which is something else we enjoy doing.

The families live here in town so we’ll talk and share stories. Some of the kids are over at McNeel middle school, others at the high school, still others have graduated from BMHS. Cindy our server took several of the AP classes at BMHS, class of 12′ and is preparing for nursing studies while at U-Rock. Her cousin Jenny, also serving and class of 13′ is likewise working in the family business while preparing for her nursing studies. They’re good kids, hard working and we appreciate what they’re doing as a family restaurant.


Jenny, Lilli and Cindy

Jenny, Lilli and Cindy, your friendly wait staff.

Bakery, Cakes and more at Jerry’s Bakery

When we were done we just had to stop by next door at Jerry’s Bakery as Rick sadly has no willpower around such establishments. Cakes, fresh bread, sweat rolls, cakes, cookies, other sundry pastries and they also have cakes too! I was pleasantly surprised to see they have flan, a favorite in our home. You can special order cakes one-day in advance. Depending on how busy they are you -may- be able to get one later the same day though I’m sure they appreciate a little more lead time. Chocolate, vanilla, fruit filled and even tres leches cakes.


Edelia | Jerry's Bakery

Edelia, owner of Jerry’s Bakery

We’ll keep coming back.

We always run into friends there and today was no exception. We sat next to Laurie, Lanier’s wife and her friend. Lanier as you may know is another blogger for Visit Beloit like ourselves. She shared with us the pictures of their days old new grandchild. Beautiful! When you see Laurie you’ll not have to ask, she’s ready!  🙂  And such are the kinds of experiences in a community like Beloit in a family restaurant like Jerry’s. If you’ve not been there yet try them out. And when you do, say hi to Cindy and Jenny for us and encourage them in their studies.


Jerry’s Cafe
6:00 am – 3:00 pm | Mon – Thu
6:00 am – 8:00 pm | Fri
6:00 am – 3:00 pm | Sat
6:00 am – 2:00 pm | Sun
935 4th Street, Beloit WI



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