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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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Live Music & Dancing Outdoors

Live Music and Dancing Outdoors The Rhythm Rockets Jump Blues Free dance lessons, Monday Nights in Beloit

The Rhythm Rockets
Friday June 21st, 2013
Harry Moore Pavilion – Riverside Park, Beloit
7:00 PM


Live Music… Outdoors!

A perennial “Music and More” ¬†favorite the Rockets are returning again this year to kick off the live, outdoor music that plays most Friday evenings throughout the summer down at Beloit’s riverside park.

They’re amazing musicians performing with the beautiful and talented singer Nicole. They’re a ton of fun. The bonus is not only do they play dance-able swing and “Jump Blues” music they encourage folks to dance.

The Band | The Rhythm Rockets

The Rhythm Rockets Website

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The Rhythm Rockets Facebook

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Bring the kids, the lawn chairs…

… your blanket, your thermos and come hang out with hundreds of your closest friends. There’s generally an assortment of vendors if you’d like something to drink or snack on. The kids parks is just over the foot bridge so the kids can keep themselves occupied.

Free dance lessons, Monday Nights in Beloit


Where the dancing happens.

This is an important consideration for us as Ana and I have been avid dancers for years. That’s how we met. If interested, the dancing is generally happening in the pavilion -behind- the band. While typically in most venues the dancing is happening right in front of the band the prevailing tradition here seems that this is not the case. You are right next to the band so you can certainly hear and enjoy them and I suppose for those more bashful about being witnessed in such public displays this set up provides some measure of cover. The downside however is that for me anyway I’m not dancing to dance, I’m dancing and an expression of enjoying and being moved by the music. I’m into the music and part of that experience is watching the band and mirroring their

energy, witnessing the exchange between the musicians as they play off one another. That along with enjoying your partner of course. I’ve heard and like to think the musicians often enjoy the dancers as well. They often like to see people actively getting into the music they’re providing. It reflects their own energy more so than watching an attentive albeit static audience.

The Pavilion provides a nice, smooth dance surface though it’s concrete as is typically the case for most outdoor dancing venues so dance sneakers work better than your leather soles which can get eaten up. It has a great view of the pond, the river, the park and more. It does provide a lovely overlook and place to dance with your favorite honey. You’re just -behind- the band is all.

Old Friends

Commander DaveAs it happens we’ve known “Commander Dave”, Nicole and these guys for as long as the band has existed. You’ll enjoy Sam Burckhardt, one of the best sax players I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy.

Since I’ve seen Sam last two of our kids, Thomas and Elizabeth are now both playing Sax in Beloit school jazz bands. Elizabeth at Aldrich middle school jazz band and Thomas w/b at BMHS in the jazz band there in the fall. We’ll be sure to have the kids with us Friday and make introductions.


Sam Burckhardt

Old Groupies

We used to follow these guys from venue to venue¬†around Chicagoland for years before moving out to Beloit. It’s a real treat to have them come out to Beloit so we can check in with them a bit. You know we’ll be there… WITH our dancing shoes.


But wait! There’s more!

Let’s suppose that perhaps you might need a little help and encouragement with that whole dancing thing. Well, you’re in luck.

Swing Dance Lessons
Monday night June 17th
Harry Moore Pavilion, Riverside Park, Beloit
7:00 PM


Tonight will be the 3rd and final evening of “Swing Dance” lessons over the last three Mondays. The instructors are from Forest City Swing in Rockford.
Next week begins Country Line Dancing then Ballroom after that. All Summer long, FREE dance lessons, outside down at the park.

For more information about both “Music & More at Harry’s Place“, “Dancin’ at Harry’s Place” and all the other activities throughout the summer down at Riverside Park in Beloit visit the Friends of Riverfront website.



Beloit resident with Ana and the kids for eight years. Lived for extended periods in three other communities prior to moving to Beloit. Having experienced homogeneous, anonymous, detached "generica" type communities we've found Beloit to be a special and uncommon place. It's been a good move for us and the kids.

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