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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Matt's Favorites: A Guide to Eating and Drinking in Beloit -

Matt’s Favorites: A Guide to Eating and Drinking in Beloit 615 Club Beloit Wisconsin Supper Club

With the holidays approaching and football season in full swing, along with hockey and basketball starting up, I thought now would be a good time to share some of my favorite things in Beloit. I would call the list “The Best of Beloit”, but I know there are far too many differing opinions out there to do that. So take a look at some of my favorites and give them a try if you haven’t already been there. Then let me know if you think there is somewhere I should add to my list!

The Rock Bar & Grill

As a lifelong sports fan, one of my favorite things to do is watch a good sporting event, or 5! The Rock Bar and Grill is a great place to do just that. They have a great collection of flat screen TVs located all around the restaurant. You can always find the Wisconsin teams on the tube along with the nationally televised action in football, baseball, basketball, and more. Of course, watching the game wouldn’t be quite the same without some tasty food and beer options… and the Rock delivers there too. With dozens of beer choices, a collection of signature burgers and friendly staff, you can’t go wrong at this great venue!


Hog Cabin & Saloon

On those days when I want to head out and grab a beer after work and unwind in a comfortable low-key atmosphere, I usually have one place in mind. The Hog Cabin Saloon on the West side of Beloit features a great selection of bottled beer along with a variety of liquor options. It’s not a bar full of business men in suits but rather one full of Wisconsin sports apparel, camouflage, and in the summer, volleyball gear. They have a set of volleyball courts out back that stay busy all summer and into the fall, along with an outdoor bar to service all of the players and spectators. If you want a fun place to have a beer, listen to country and rock music and get away from the grind of the work week, then this is your bar.


Badger Spirits

When the weekend rolls around and I want to try a new beer while watching my Gators and Dolphins, I head over to Badger Spirits on Prairie Avenue. They have all of your traditional beer and liquor options but the gem of this establishment are the mix and match six packs. The back wall and coolers offer a cornucopia of beer options to satisfy the taste buds of any beer connoisseur. The mix and match pack allows you to choose six flavors to sample and find your favorites. On top of making your mix and match pack, they offer a punch card that lets you earn free products for repeat business. It’s tough to top a free beer!

Badger 2


One of my favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat on my lunch break or on the weekend is Qdoba Mexican Grill. The newly opened restaurant is located at the intersection of Milwaukee and Cranston and offers a quick service menu of Mexican fare. I like to get the grilled chicken bowl with fajita vegetables but they offer a variety of meat options and numerous topping selections to please most any palate. They also have catering, which was easy to use and quite a hit at the meeting I used Qdoba for. If you find yourself with limited time, a desire to try something new, or with a hungry group of football fans to feed, Qdoba is a terrific option.

Qdoba 2

615 Club

If I am looking for a quality meal or have family visiting Beloit, one of the top places on my list is the 615 Club. The supper club located in Downtown Beloit has amazing steaks served with tasty side dishes, and both soup and a salad. I highly recommend the baked French onion soup if you have the opportunity! The restaurant has a small cozy feel that is accentuated by the routinely packed tables each weekend. The wait can be substantial without calling ahead for reservations, especially for a weekend visit. If you do happen to find yourself waiting for a table, grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a beverage with some of the great local clientele while you wait.

615 Club Beloit Wisconsin Supper Club

Hopefully you get a chance to enjoy some of my Beloit favorites the next time you’re looking for a bite to eat, a cold beer, a fun place to watch a game, or all three. How does your list look compared to mine? Let me know if there is somewhere I need to try!



I moved to Beloit six years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. There are so many different things to do both in and around the city that I feel the greater Beloit region has something for everyone. And with our proximity to so many big cities, we have a huge population in our backyard to draw visitors from! I look forward to expanding the exposure for our city across the Midwest and beyond.