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Visit Beloit Blog | January 19, 2018

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Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting -

Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting Merrill Elementary School Choir New Music Room at Merrill Elementary

The ribbon cutting celebration for the newly remodeled Merrill Elementary School was an overwhelming success.  The teachers, superintendent, school board members, state representatives, city officials along with the contractor (Gilbank Construction) and the architect (Bray Architects) were rightfully excited . . . But no one was as excited as the parents and kids who will enjoy the new facility.


Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting

A sense of pride

Was it well received?  Viewing from the tremendous turnout, one would have to give this a resounding . . . YES.  With the Merrill Elementary school choir singing their heartfelt thanks followed by ice cream, cake, Merrill Elementary tote bag memento and a tour of school, it was a joyous occasion with the teachers, parents and students all smiling.  You could see the sense of pride and joy in having such a nice facility.  The outpouring of the residents from the Merrill neighborhood was incredible.


Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting| School Choir

The spirit of this community

That a community with high unemployment voted to sacrifice for these new facilities is a testament to the generous and mighty spirit of this community.  Beloit is full of dedicated people with a great love of and pride in their community.  More pride and more love than I have seen in most other communities, especially those with the challenges our community has faced.

There are not many communities that work so nicely together for the betterment of ALL its citizens as our city of Beloit.  The spirit of the community and how it has been lifted by this tremendous undertaking was clearly evident.  Really . . . No greater gift can a community give its children than a great facility to get a quality education and a wonderful environment for one to learn.


Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting | New Classroom

A school that kids want to go to

My wife taught at Merrill several years ago and she pointed out the many positive changes the referendum brought about.  During the tour we saw a mother and her two children, one of whom was crying and pulling on her arm.  I asked him, “What is the matter?”  He responded, “I want to stay here (school).”


Merrill Elementary School Ribbon Cutting | Students

When is the last time you heard that!  The investment in our community and our children is paying dividends already.

Well done Beloit, well done.




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