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Visit Beloit Blog | February 21, 2018

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My Apt @429: Vintage Shopping in Downtown Beloit -

My Apt @429: Vintage Shopping in Downtown Beloit My Apartment @429 - Beloit, WI My Apartment @429 - Beloit, WI

Exploring downtown Beloit

Saturdays have always had this easing appeal to them, making everyone want to enjoy their relaxing nature in the best way possible. For many Beloit, Roscoe, and Rockton residents, that includes soaking in the relaxing atmosphere that is the Beloit Saturday morning farmers’ market. I know my family has enjoyed our day off together shopping around the various vendors selling their crafts, flowers, and delicious concoctions. Even if we don’t end up making a purchase, we still feed off of everyone’s positive energy and appreciation for life.

Although I could go on and on about the delightful farmers’ market, that is not what this blog is about. This great find came about by venturing off the main path of the market one Saturday and checking out one of the local shops. While walking around the main floor of the The Villager, there was this artfully decorated wall that caught my attention. I soon realized that there was a second shop just up a set of decorated steps.

My Apartment @429 - Beloit, WI

A hidden gem

I was hesitant at first, making faces at my mom like “Can we really go up there?”, but we finally embarked upstairs, past the mod-podged walls full of photographs, news clippings and intriguing posters that only increased my excitement to discover what was at the top of the stairs.

We emerged into the second story and stood enchanted by the loveliness of the open room that was full of furniture, clothing and intrinsic hanging decorations. I knew we had hit the jackpot and that my wallet was not safe in this space.

My Apartment @429 - Beloit, WI

A unique shopping experience

I soon realized that the shoes and clothing items displayed around the room were vintage – and this made my rustic-lovin’ heart skip a beat.  It really did resemble a livable apartment – so much so that it made me contemplate if we were actually allowed up there or not. However, the numerous racks of clothing eased my mind and we began to peruse. The merchandise ranged from vintage frocks to the most delicate of kitchen utensils. I wasn’t even half way through the apartment and I had already accumulated an excessive amount of “try-ons”.

I didn’t think this place could get any cuter until I realized that the fitting rooms were in fact renovated closets – decorated with linens and wall hangings. AH! Is this place for real? I had long forgotten about the divine veggies and delectable cheese curds that awaited me down at the market — I had found a real-life Wonderland.

My Apartment @429 - Beloit, WI

My Apt @429

I learned after checking out that My Apt. @ 429 has been around for about four years, and my little vintage heart broke a bit thinking about all of the fantastic finds I had missed out on. I promised myself to make this store-finding a part of my Saturday morning ritual. Since then, my closet has welcomed a few vintage-inspired frocks, a faux-fur jacket and some amazing sleep shorts. Check it out in downtown Beloit on your next day off or for a Saturday morning market escapade!



I am a senior in college and pursuing my passions in Public Relations and writing. I am a Roscoe resident who frequents the wonderful city of Beloit quite often. I have fallen in love with Beloit's charm and always enjoy spending my Saturdays at the farmers' market, various boutiques and coffee shops. I am a fashion addict and hope to work in a big city one day!

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