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Visit Beloit Blog | February 21, 2018

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One Variety of Strawberries? I Was Wrong... -

One Variety of Strawberries? I Was Wrong…

On Saturday, June 15th I visited Beloit’s farmers market.  I was not completely sure what I was going to buy, but I had a few things in mind for a few recipes.

A Variety of Strawberries

He took the time to explain the different types of strawberries…

Sadly, my first idea and recipe didn’t work.  I had wanted to purchase raspberries and this Saturday raspberries were not in season, according to vendor Ken Franpton.  My next recipe included strawberries and luckily Franpton had what I needed.  What a surprise!  Franpton had so many different varieties of strawberries; I didn’t know which kind to use in my recipe.  What I liked the best about being at Franpton’s booth is that he took the time to explain the different types of strawberries and then helped me select the best one for my recipe.  He said they were supposed to taste like grape Kool-Aid flavored strawberries.  I purchased two baskets full of them for just $10!

I asked him how far he travels to be at the Beloit Farmers’ Market and he laughed.  He replied and said he drives 20.2 miles from a city near Winnebago every Saturday.  I know I appreciated his help and enjoyed meeting him.

A Variety of Mint

Good Saturday morning at our Farmers Market downtown…

As I looked at the other ingredients I needed for my recipe, I realized that nothing else on my list could be purchased at the farmers market.  Still, I walked around and thought of a couple things that I could possibly add. I found a very nice lady named Kristen that owns Gresler Gardens in Rockford, IL. She sold herbs and plants and I asked her if she sold mint.  She said yes and showed me three different types.  I choose to purchase “chocolate mint” and it came as a whole plant. I knew I could use that for looks and I choose the chocolate mint because of its scent. I continued to walk around and talked to some other friendly people of Beloit. I had an overall good Saturday morning at our Farmers market downtown. Afterwards I went home and made this recipe:


Want the Recipe?

Download (PDF, 148KB)



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