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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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Rick Wells Advertising, Beloit, WI

Rick Wells Advertising: The First Tenant

Rick Wells Advertising: New in Downtown Beloit

Thirteen years ago, he was just a man working from his laptop at his kitchen table. This year, with a busy staff of six looking to grow even bigger, Rick Wells Advertising moved from its Rockford area office to become the first tenant in the new Phoenix building in downtown Beloit.

The company is an advertising agency. They handle all aspects of advertising for their clients, including creating and managing websites, creating logos and developing brands, purchasing billboard space and radio spots, and so much more. Their clients include insurance agencies, universities, financial institutions, manufacturing, retail, and non-profits. This gives the agency a wide variety of projects where they are advertising products and services including “everything from barbed wire to kitty litter.”



Destination: Beloit, Wisconsin

When asked, “Why Beloit?” Rick Wells, the company’s owner and Creative Director, explained that it was a win for the company all around. “Some people have a misconception that change is coming to Beloit,” Wells shared with me,” but the truth is that it is already here. The change has already happened!” Beloit is a great place to be.

Beloit is an oasis for their out-of-town clients, some of whom come from western Chicago, Milwaukee, or Madison. Used to expensive parking garages and rush hour traffic, their clients really appreciate Beloit. The new location is a five minutes’ drive from Highways 39 and 43. Visitors can park in a (free!) public parking lot and walk two blocks or less and find themselves in a thriving downtown. Additionally, the company loves how they are able to work locally, having the ability to drive a couple minutes to talk with a client about the project they are working on.


Downtown on the doorstep

The advertising firm designed their new office with a spacious kitchen area. However, “we’d rather take our clients out to town,” Wells explained. The agency loves being able to bring clients to a local restaurant, let them shop at The Villager, or find some delicious candy at Northwoods to take home. The accessibility is great for the employees as well, who are able to walk out of the office and walk to get coffee, a haircut, lunch, or a stroll along the riverfront.


Part of the community

Speaking with the crew at Rick Wells, it is clear that for them, the work is all about what the client needs. If doing a little more work will save their client money while meeting the client’s goals, they’ll do it. Building trust and developing relationships is the core of their business, and they are looking forward to being part of the growing community that Beloit has created.





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