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Visit Beloit Blog | January 19, 2018

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Rockin' The Night Away -

Rockin’ The Night Away

It started with thunder, wind and rain and ended with clapping and shouts of . . . MORE.

“Music and More at Harry’s Place” was scheduled with an area favorite, “Knee Deep,” performing.  A big summer storm had just dumped rain on the area an hour or two before the show.  Would they cancel or try to hold?  I drove past Riverside a couple times to see if the night’s event was a go.  What I found was the band and vendors there to begin preparations for the evening.


Rockin the Night Away | Music and More at Harry's Place

Job One: Parking

So I hurried home, picked up the wife, and down we went to enjoy what turned out to be a wonderful night on the river. Finding a parking spot was Job One, and we were lucky as someone left a spot open within a block of the entrance (parking lot was full at the venue).  Once we got there we tried to go straight in but were stopped by the smell of food (ribs, steak, tacos, popcorn, etc).  Unable to resist, I stopped at Otha’s for one of my favorites . . . If you have read my 1st blog, you guessed it . . . A nice yummy steak sandwich which I shared, one small bite, with my wife.  Sooo good.


Rockin the Night Away | Music & More at Harry's Place

A Great Crowd

Belly satisfied, I headed to the beverage area.  Couldn’t get too far before I was stopped several times to engage in conversation with some of the more than 500 people in attendance; Tom “CIA” Finley, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Joe “Chief” Porter, Troy “Ageless” Mobley, John “Rocket” Fitzsimmons, Kirk & Kenny “The Hammers” Bell, Doug “No Money” Cash and the organizers (Nicki and Steve Meyers) to name just a few. It was tough but I pushed my way through to a nice cold beer.  Then more greetings.


Rockin the Night Away | Music & More at Harry's Place

Can’t Help But Dance

With the band playing, food in my stomach and a cold one, I was starting to feel pretty good. Was it the food or the music?  I don’t know!  But I was hit with this urge to do some dancing.  I tried to resist the urge, not wanting to embarrass those already showing their stuff.  As the evening wore on, I just couldn’t help myself.  I went for it!  Grabbed the wife and went to the front and joined at least 50 people dancing to some groovy selections.  Even Floyd “The Rock” Johnson was up there doing his Sherlock Holmes impersonation (moving only his shoulders and every once in a while actually being on beat).  The place was jamming.  When the band, which was playing together for the last time, tried to stop the call rang out “One More Song”.  And one more we got.  Harry’s Place was rockin’.

Rockin the Night Away | Music & More at Harry's Place

What’s Next At Harry’s Place

If you haven’t been to Music and More at Harry’s Place, you are missing a good time.  Friends of Riverfront have put together a great schedule with music for everyone.  Upcoming are Madisalsa and one of my favorites, West Side Andy, (I love the harmonica).  So, get your lawn chair and come on down.  Bring the family and friends but come early as the space fills up quickly.  Everyone is welcome.

So much going on in good ole Beloit.  Come join in and enjoy.

If you didn’t know.  Now you know.



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