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Visit Beloit Blog | February 22, 2018

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Social Shopping at the Farmers' Market -

Social Shopping at the Farmers’ Market Beloit Farmers Market | A perennial favorite The Cheese People | Beloit Farmers Market Picked Yesterday | Beloit Farmers Market Our Impulse Buy | Flowers The exacting recipe | Kelly summer salad

So we are off to the Farmers Market for our first blogging assignment, it is a rainy day but that has not stopped people from coming out.  Shopping is not the only reason to go the Farmer’s Market, is  it a social event, you always run into people you know and sometimes even get introduced to new people.


Beloit Farmers Market | A perennial favorite

Farmers’ Market, a perennial favorite

One of our favorite things is to head down to the Farmer’s Market here in town. We’ve been going for years and find the experience a mix of finding wonderful things to take home and bumping into friends. It’s a big event. With so many vendors we can always find what what we’re looking for, but the prize inside are the things we didn’t realize we needed until we got there.


Farmers Market | Beloit

A new out-of-town friend

We’ll typically bump into friends while attending Farmers Market.

This week however Beloit has been hosting the yearly Plein Air event, We had the pleasure of meeting one of the Plein Air artists last night, Elizabeth at The Rock where we’d gone for the live music, outside, along the riverfront.

Elizabeth is from Ontario and was visiting and participating in the event for the first time. We had a wonderful time visiting with her getting the artist’s perspective of her craft, the Beloit event and the community in general and other discovered common interests.

She went on and on about how much she had enjoyed the event, the people and the Beloit community.  She said she is ready to move in if only she could talk her husband into it.  She assured us that she would be back next year for Plein Air and that she would be bringing other artists from her community.

Well as it happened we bumped into Elizabeth again as she too was taking in the Farmers Market. So we ended up chatting still more. We may get together again at another event we regularly attend closer to her home this October. Kismet. Just one of the several conversations with friends as we were walking around.


The Cheese People | Beloit Farmers Market

What we got

Our first stop, a perennial favorite: The Cheese People of Beloit.  We love the Cheese People! And have several favorites. Quick aside. The locals know this story but if you’re not familiar; the Cheese People are one of a couple favorite downtown merchants who were Farmer’s Market vendors who transitioned to permanent downtown merchant retailers. They seem to be doing well for themselves.


Picked Yesterday | Beloit Farmers Market

Back to our story

Anyway, we picked up some of our favorite, amazing stinky Mindoro Blue Cheese. It transforms a simple salad into something very special. We were introduced to it by a friend in town Bill Kolb, a local artist who some in town may know. And now we’re telling you. Try it. You will love it. 😉

Our next stop: Strawberries, lettuce and asparagus. It is strawberry season so there are a number of farmers offering up great strawberries today. They all looked really… really good. So after walking around we settled on a bunch for $3. The lettuce looked great too and were a pretty good deal at $1.50, and the asparagus, very nice right now was $3.


Our Impulse Buy | Flowers

And the impulse buy?

The item that I didn’t know I needed until I saw them… Flowers. Lots of options and just too tempting for me to withstand. Just $5 and we were set.

So with most the ingredients we headed home to put this together.


The exacting recipe | Kelly summer salad

The exacting recipe

What can I say. It’s a salad. All I do of course is wash it, cut it up and put things in a pretty bowl. Besides my Farmer’s Market purchases I cut up and added some pre-cooked chicken I had, tossed in the croutons and for salad dressing I used one of those salad spritzers. It’s just 10 calories for 10 sprays. Nothing fancy. That’s just what I use. With such fresh ingredients no need to drown the salad with dressing, so might as well save the calories.

Nice fit for a summer day

It had been overcast in the morning when we’d attended the market. By the time we got home and made our summer salad treat however the sun came out in full force. It was already getting hot. The resulting salad, our flowers, the friends we’d bumped into at the Farmer’s Market including our new friend Elizabeth from Ontario, it was all a very nice way to spend our late morning. The salad was perfect for us.Where is Tyler

Tyler, who joined us today for the adventure, he opted for Cheerios.



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