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Visit Beloit Blog | January 20, 2018

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Trivia at Bushel & Peck's: It's Anybody's Game! -

Trivia at Bushel & Peck’s: It’s Anybody’s Game! Bushel & Peck's Trivia Night Bushel & Peck's Baristas

When I first stumbled into Beloit, a lost and forlorn waif without friends, family, or connections, I was given a “Welcome to Beloit” packet put together by Visit Beloit.  I arrived on a hot Friday in July, and spent the weekend thumbing through the packet, trying to find things to do and places I might go to meet people.  In the packet was a notice which informed me that Bushel & Peck’s, just down the street from me, held a trivia competition every Thursday.

I had no idea what I was getting into.


Bushel & Peck's Baristas

Bushel & Peck’s Baristas


Forming a team

Nearly three years later, I still go almost every Thursday night.  My team, which changes its name almost weekly, is a mix of professionals in many fields, which serves us well most weeks.  Since the topics vary, ONE of us is almost guaranteed to get most of the questions.  The problems come when two of us are equally vehement about an answer, and the answers differ.  Then it’s a matter of who can convince whom.

I’ve found it fun to bounce around to different teams on occasion.  I get to know different people, and my team is so large that they do very well without me.  Recently, I was with a family team: a husband, wife, and daughter from just over the border in South Beloit.  They’ve never won, and met each answer, whether wrong or right, with the same cheerful humor.


Bushel and Peck's | Trivia Team

Bushel and Peck’s | Trivia Team

Playing the game

Rich, our trivia master, is the owner of Grass is Greener Gardens, which helps supply Bushel & Peck’s with its amazing food. He corrals the unruly crowd with great good humor and standard patter.  No matter how low a team’s score is, before the final round, he’ll optimistically call, “Everybody’s still in it!”  He’s not wrong. We’ve often come from behind to win on the last question, and we’ve even more often sunk from a first place lead to last place.  He pulls his questions from internet sources, which leads to good-natured teasing from the regulars.

He’ll announce the category on the store’s Facebook page the day of the competition, but even then, we never know what to expect.  One Thursday, the category was “Classic Breakfasts.”  Do you know who the first woman athlete depicted on a Wheaties box was?  Yeah, me neither.  It sure wasn’t Billy Jean King.  But I know am richer with the knowledge that Cap’t Crunch’s boat was named the S.S. Guppy.


Bushel & Peck's Trivia Night


Surprise trivia team

I did have the chance to meet a new team: two young ladies who had wandered in “on accident” and were swept up in the game.  Kayla and Megan were out looking for a place to have dinner, and came into Bushel & Peck’s when their first choice was unexpectedly closed.  They stayed, ate, and had a great time, and darned if they didn’t nearly place.  I, however, with my team, stayed comfortably unplaced, although we were (thank heavens for my pride) far from last.

Dinner, entertainment, and some good old-fashioned trash talk.  Do you know a better way to spend a Thursday evening?  I don’t.




I'm a Wisconsin transplant from Alaska who has lived, worked, and played in downtown Beloit since 2011 and is still startled whenever it is dark and warm at the same time. I'm a bookworm who lives alone with two cats and a French press coffeemaker.